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Les artistes passés chez good friday

Simon Allen - Ybas and Emerging British artists. Anthony Berthaud Wm. Véronique Boissacq -Wm / Queen of nothingness / We were young and immortal . Louise Bossut - The end / Undressed codes / We were young and immortal. Thierry Boutonnier - The end . Pirjetta Brander Love is hole / Wm. Miyoko Caubet Storyboard / We were young and immortal. Emmanuel ChanteboutLost in translation. Daniel François Cayo - Global Warning. Pauline CornuJeux de mains, jeux de vilains / We were young and immortal. David De Beyter - Fire walk with me / In the middle of nowhere. Michel de Broin - Jeux de mains, jeux de vilains. David De TscharnerWm. Tracey Emin Yba's and emerging british artists. Catherine Fradier CAATLove is hole. Marie Geffroy - Tree of life Yasmeen HammaniWe were young and immortal. Damien Hirst - Yba's and emerging british artists. Chloé Houyoux Pilar Love is hole / Still life . Thomas Israël - The end . Kaori Ito - We were young and immortal / Le jour le plus court. Chihiro Ito - We were young and immortal. Laurent Jourquin The end / Opium. Abel Llavall-Ubach Storyboard . Florent LebonLe jour le plus court. Dirk Leroux - Sweet dreams are made of this. Alexandra Leyre Mein - Fire walk with me / we were young and immortal. The Little artists aka John Cake and Darren Neave - Jeux de mains, jeux de vilains / Yba's and emerging british artists / We were young and immortal. Karine Marenne - Love is hole. Flavia Eleonora Martin - Opium. Christine Mathieu - Love is hole. Stéphanie Morissette The end. Lucille Peget Global Warning / Eternal Sunshine. Mariève Pelletier Du coq à l'âme / Eternal Sunshine.  Shani Rhys-James - Mae newid yn change. Carlos et Jason Sanchez - Natural selection. Mike Scuccimarri Jeux de mains, jeux de vilains. Ela Tom Sweet dreams are made of this. Chantal Vey - Storyboard / We were young and immortal. Bedwyr WilliamsMae newid yn change. Wilmes &Mascaux Le jour le plus court / Du coq à l’ame

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