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Into the wild
Tree of life Marie Geffroy
Eternel Sunshine Mariève Pelletier
Global Warning Daniel Cayotin
 Web we were young recto

Véronique Boissacq Louise Bossut Miyoko Caubet John Cake and Daren Neave Pauline Cornu Yasmeen Hammani Chihiro Ito Kaori Ito Alexandra Leyre-Mein Chantal Vey


Adel Llavall Ubach Miyoko Caubet Chantal Vey

Sweet dreams

Dirk Leroux Ela Tom

Mae Newid Yn Change

Shani Rhys James Bedwyr Williams

Natural Selection

Carlos & Jason Sanchez

In the middle of nowhere

David de Beyter

Lost In translation

Emmanuel Chantebout

Still Life

Chloé Houyoux-Pilar


Laurent Jourquin Flavia Martin

YBAs and Emerging British Artists

Simon Allen Tracey Emin Damien Hirst Little Artists, John Cake & Daren Neave

Queen of nothingness

Véronique Boissacq

Fire Walk with me

David de Beyter Alexandra Leyre-Mein

Jeux de Mains, jeux de vilains

Michel de Broin Pauline Cornu Little Artists Mike Scuccimarri


Anthony Berthaud Véronique Boissacq Pirjetta Brander David de Tscharner

Love Is Hole

Pirjetta Brander Catherine Fradier Chloé Houyoux-Pilar Karine Marenne Christine Mathieu

The End

Thierry Boutonnier Louise Bossut Thomas Israel Laurent Jourquin Stéphanie Morissette

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